terça-feira, junho 16, 2009

Ask President Lula to commit to zero deforestation in the Amazon now!

Last month our climate scored a big victory in Poland - where the Prime Minister Donald Tusk agreed to personally attend the UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen. Let's make this month's victory a Brazilian one.

President Lula and all other Heads of State need to join PM Tusk in Copenhagen this December, but Lula also needs to put the breaks on a bad land bill that is about to become Brazilian law. If he passes it in coming days, unscrupulous companies that have illegally occupied Amazon land will get a legal seal of approval. It will effectively give a green light to loggers and land grabbers in up to 67 million hectares of the Amazon and put it in further jeopardy.

This is the moment to ask President Lula to act. We need to pressure Lula to stop these laws and commit to zero deforestation.

Take Action: Write to Lula

In early June, the Brazilian Congress amended and approved a bill, originally introduced to grant land title rights to 300,000 properties that have been established illegally across approximately 67 million hectares of public land in the Amazon. The rules set by the Provisional Measure (MP) number 458, will add pressure to the Amazon and make it even more vulnerable to deforestation. The bill, which awaits President Lula's signature, may be perceived as an open invitation for the invasion of public lands in the region.


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