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What the finns need to know about Portugal

Timo Soini, político finlandês (líder do partido Verdadeiros Finlandeses) preconiza uma política mais dura para com os refugiados e menos ajuda aos países europeus com dificuldades (Portugal, Irlanda, Itália, Grécia e Espanha).

Contrapondo, por mais que uma vez no passado, a Finlândia foi ajudada por Portugal, tanto em 1940, como após a queda da ex-URSS, em finais da década de 80'.

Agora, o presidente da Câmara de Cascais apresentou nas Conferências do Estoril um vídeo intitulado "O que os finlandeses não sabem sobre Portugal". Já é um sucesso nas redes sociais.

O vídeo mostra os feitos portugueses ao longo dos séculos e, numa clara crítica à intenção da Finlândia em não concordar com o apoio financeiro a Portugal, também dá umas alfinetadas nos finlandeses.

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Kumitonttu disse...

Hello Mario. I am very well aware of history of your great nation.

I'd like to know what do you guys think of your position now. Do you understand why Portugal is in financial crisis? What does it change if Finland borrows you 2 billion euros or not? Aren't you ashamed that you blame Finns for not borrowing you money - shouldn't you be thinking of ways to balance your budget and not being sarcastic to other nations?

Mário Nunes disse...

With regard to a comment received in the previous post, which I reproduce below, I give the proper response to the letter:
"Hello Mario. I am very well aware of the history of your great nation.

I'd like to know what do you guys think of your position now. Do You Understand why Portugal is in financial crisis? What does it change if you borrows Finland 2 billion euros or not? Are not you ashamed That You Finns blame you for not borrowing money - shouldn't you be thinking of ways to balance your budget and Not Being sarcastic to other nations? "
(Signed by Kumitonttu)

First of all, I take him to tell you that most of the Portuguese began to feel that the presence of Portugal within the European Union is a nonsense. Thanks to the European Union we ran out of agriculture, industry and commerce.
In agriculture, much of our fields were abandoned - over 2 million hectares and there are still farmers who receive subsidies from Brussels to produce nothing, while others are limited by production quotas absurd.
In the industry disappear with globalization saw many factories that were relocated to other countries outside the EU
In trade, the supermarkets have taken the industry by imposing price, which completely crushed the small farmers and small traders.
Portugal is an old nation with nine centuries of existence and more than 2000 years of history (Lusitania). Faced Rome, that only the account of treason succeeded in winning. Three times defeated Napoleon, while the rest of Europe was crushed by the French army, except for Portugal, Sweden, England and Russia.
Since the discoveries that we are facing the world and not to Europe.
I can tell you that there is more to life than the European Union and most of the Portuguese began to think so. Portugal makes more sense being in a Community of Portuguese Language Countries (with Brazil, Angola and Mozambique), extended to China and India.
Finns know that China is now willing to pay the foreign debt of Portugal?
Now if the intervention of the IMF and the European Union is not approved may be called into question the existence of Europe as a community of states and the Euro itself and then we shall see the complete disintegration of the Union, which for me and many other makes no sense. It is time for each (country) go your way.
However you still want to remember that twice you're worth to you Finns, who certainly have a short memory, perhaps the victim of a strange collective amnesia. In 1940 and in the late 80's no question the Portuguese aid to Finland.
For sure there will be tides that sailors, and you never know if tomorrow you will not need help ...
It is right and know that the 2008 crisis in the U.S. may not be an excuse for everything, however, what is going on is a war of currencies, financial markets and speculation designed to destroy whole nations and companies.
After the U.S., followed by Iceland, Greece, Ireland, the Arab world, now it's time for Portugal.
It seems that things are not well in Britain, Spain, Italy and Belgium.
Tomorrow, who knows may be the time of Finland ...
Or do you not remember what happened in Iceland?

Kumitonttu disse...

I replied to you in my blog. Maybe you could translate it in your own language in case not all your readers can't speak English?

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