quarta-feira, setembro 10, 2008

Large Hadron Collider, Em Busca da Partícula de Deus

« A long, long time ago,
Humans dominated their home world
and through the use of technology.,
they discovered many of the Universe's secrets.

Then, an experiment took place in Cern,
in mid 2008 - in Earth's calendar.
Its purpose was to prove the existence
of an elusive and fundamental particle of the Universe
by many refered to as GOD particle.

The results of that experiment were devastating,
causing a rip in the universal fabric.
Within moments gravity colapsed
giving rise to a massive black hole
that slowly engulfed their entire star system,
thus wiping out their entire civilization.

Our knowledge of them
comes from their radio signals,
which are still travelling to the far corners of the galaxy. »

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